Get your Skinny Dipping in Wales 2019 calendar here.


Skinny Dipping 2019

The calendar will be ready late November for 2 Wish Upon a Star and will be available for minimum donation of £14 per copy, if you can afford to, please give a little extra  – great tasteful pictures of people in some awesome locations.

Please buy a copy or 3 otherwise we will feel ugly & undervalued – the shame will demoralise us & we will lose our sense of purpose. Roughly translating as we will feel foolish.

Happy 2019 and I love you all (honest) x

Checkout is provided by PayPal, please make sure you select the “Share my postal address” checkbox.
Please note – the £14 per copy minimum donation includes £3.95 for postage and packaging.

Looking to donate but do not wish to receive a calendar then please click here.

Skinny Dipping in Wales