The Idea

Skinny Dipping 2019

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Skinny Dipping 2019 calendar.

I thought this calendar up on a whim after watching a well known film, I thought I bet we could do that.

I got to thinking (teachers have time on their hands in August) who do I know who would join me on this adventure. A few of my friends were prepared to jump on my bandwagon, thanks guys.

My thoughts ran away on a track of their own and then I realised there was a crucial thing missing from my cunning plan!! I asked for recommendations – Martin R Pulling was a name that came up from a couple of pals. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I messaged him and weirdly he agreed to do the photography.

He’s done a fantastic job, but would have been better off giving a wad of cash as a donation. We met up to discuss things and instantly became ‘partners in crime’, beginning an adventure that gave us a barrel of laughs and made us lots of friends, who will forever be close to our hearts.

This project took on a life of its own and overtook ours. We’ve had a lot of fun on our adventure and forged friendships that will last a lifetime.

A spark of an idea turned into a project, which turned into an adventure filled with laughter and support. Of course, sadly it all stems from tragedy – my family were devastated last year by the tragic and sudden death of a beautiful little girl, Josie Alice Hunt, who at just 5 years old was taken away far too soon. We are all touched by your boundless energy for supporting a cause that is ours. 2 Wish Upon a Star is a fantastic charity that have supported the family in their darkest of times.
Diolch yn galon , Sian Chislett xxx

Skinny Dipping in Wales